"I am both National and World champion and I couldn't have done it without my JetLift products. JetLift makes the best totes and trailers on the market when you are racing the last thing you want to worry about is getting your ski from your trailer to that starting line and back - you have way to much going on already and thats why I surround myself with #1 product JetLift cause that is how I became #1."

- Sam Nehme, Team JetLift Pro Rider



 "I am proud to be riding for JetLift because they are strong, durable have no limites and adaptable to various riding conditions and a truly modular system. ."

-  David Oski - Team JetLift Amatuer Freestyle

"The inside of our trailer is made of JetLift products and all of our race boats are either on a JetLift, or in the water. When we work on them they stay on the JetLift, or in the water. When they are at home they are on a JetLift. JetLift is the most versatile tote you can get for watercraft. If you want a product that can be used for any situation or application then use JetLift."

- Brian O'Rourke of Team Faith - Team JetLift Pro Race Team

"The reason I chose JetLift was an easy choice, I noticed their product at the races and saw how nice it was but I didn't really think to much about it - I thought a tote was a tote, I've had a bunch of different totes but I joined Team JetLift and got one [Low-Boy Trailer] and I have to say I am really impressed. I've always liked how they looked obviously the things look great but when I went to use it I was I have to say I was really impressed with how easy it was to load in the surf and things like that, it made things a lot easier. A lot of the time I have to load things by myself or with one or two guys and it really made my life a lot easier. Thanks JetLift!

- Johnny Smith - Team JetLift Pro Rider