Sean Miles


Nick Name: The Patriot

Hometown: Sarasota, FL

Age: 16

Sponsors: Jet Lift, Hydro-Turf, Broward Motorsports, 360 FLY, Tw-N-One Trailers

RaceCraft: 2015 Sea-Doo Spark

Career Highlights:

(First Year of Racing)

Hydro-Turf Surf and Turf Rd 1 : Second Place | Hydro-Turf Surf and Turf Rd 2 : Second Place | P1 Aqua X Sprint Rd 1: Points leader for Rookie Division and 4th overall in the Pro/Am Spark Class | Pro Watercross Rd 1 : Third Place  | Pro Watercross Rd 2 : Third Place  | Hydro-Turf Surf and Turf Rd 4 : Second Place  | Pro Watercross Rd 3 June 18th – 19th: 1st Place | Pro Watercross Rd 4 : 3rd Place | Pro Watercross Rd 5 : 3rd Place



Kelly Hieke


Nick Name: Kamakaze Kelly, KillaKelly, and Cookies

Age:  44 years young.  Took my first jet ski ride at the tender age of 36.

Sponsors:  The Jetlift, Hurricane Industries, The Ski Clinic, True Performance Engineering, VP Race Fuels, ADA Cranks, JetPilot

Racecraft: Hurricane Carbon Fiber, 900cc TPE engine

Career Highlights:  First American woman to perform flatwater backflip on a JetSki; One of only 2 female competitors worldwide; Was given the opportunity to ride in a exhibition for the Chinese Government in Southern China courtesy of a previous sponsor, Jettribe.  Riding a superjet down the Yangtze River was the most amazing experience on a jet ski so far, it was the first time my sport made me cry from gratitude.  However, inspiring girls and women to do something outside of their comfort zone is my greatest goal and contribution...


Sam Nehme

Sport Spec / Pro Sport GP

Nick Name: 13

Hometown: Miami, Fl

Age: 43

Sponsors: Broward Motorsports, Jet Lift, Exotic Signs, Wamilton’s Custom, Judge Motorsports, Jet Pilot, Isaw, Shoei Helmets, Jet Trim, Thrust Innovations

RaceCraft: Yamaha WaveBlaster

Career Highlights:
I returned back to racing in 2013 after being retired for 13 years.  My first year back I won the IJSBA World Championship which I had never done previously.  Since then I also have won the 2015 ProWatercross World Championship along with the 2015 National Championship.