ProWatercross World Championship - Naples, FL

After a long, hot 8 days in Naples, Florida we are now settled back into our 55 degree weather in Minnesota. We want to thank ProWatercross for hosting such a wonderful event, we couldn't have asked for it to be in a nicer place than Naples, Florida. We also would like to thank Naples for hosting this event!

There was a lot of action in Naples, Florida during the 5 days of racing! We had a great turnout for JetLift racers and racers all together. But first we would like to thank all the JetLift riders whom attended and congrats on all the huge wins!

Brian Baldwin - 2nd in Pro-AM Runabout GP

Dylan Osborn - 6th in Pro-AM Runabout GP and 5th in Pro-AM R/A Box Stock.

Chris MacClugage - 1st in Pro-AM Ski GP.

Chris Langlias - 1st in Pro Freestyle.

Justin Sylvain - 1st in Amateur Freestyle.

Vaclav Zacek - 3rd in Amateur Freestyle.

Sam Nehme - 1st in Sport GP and 2nd in Sport Stock.

Sammy Nehme - 2nd in Junior Ski Lites 10-12 and  2nd in Junior Ski Stock 10-12.

Sean Miles - 1st in IRoc Stock.

Anthony Radetic - 2nd in Novice R/A Box Stock and 6th in Pro-AM R/A Box Stock.

Brian O'Rourke - 3rd in IROC Stock.

Gage Schoenherr - 3rd in Sport GP.

Special thanks to: Erminio Iantosca with a 1st win in Pro-AM Runabout GP. Thanks for the great pizza! David Cabrera with a 1st place as well -  it is always fun to talk with you and watch you race! And Ken Waddle - man, what a great race! Congrats on the big win!




Posted on October 3, 2016 .