Sarasota Beach Patrol

JetLift is pleased to announce another happy customer - but above all - a happy customer whom is using our product to a whole new level! They are using the JetLift as a tool to save lives faster and more efficient!

We had a inquiry about how a JetLift trailer could help out the Sarasota Beach Patrol because they didn't have a solution for their trailer getting stuck in the sand and how much of a hassle it was to even get the ski in the water on a daily basis. When you crunch the numbers in their line of work, seconds count - every second it takes them to get off and into the water could be seconds used to save someones life. When you can take our trailer with it's reversible tongue, easy adjustment, lifetime warranty, SwiftSkin Technology and quick disconnect/connect pins for all of our product it creates hassle-free maintenance, efficient load/unload times, safety, peace of mind and easy to take on and off the water - how could you go wrong?

 We are extremely happy that they are over the top excited about their new trailer they have been using for weeks now! If you happen to ever be in Sarasota - please make sure to tell these guys how much you appreciate them because what they do - on and off the beach is remarkable. 

As Chris Lender would say, "The trailer is absolutely perfect for what we do, we are much more efficient and faster with response times.  The quality is fantastic, its holding up well in the elements and under such constant use. We really appreciate all the work you guys put into it for us.” 

We here at JetLift strive to create the best product and solution for your needs no matter what it is. Whether it be a trailer, tote, cart, stand or rail system - we do it all!

Posted on August 30, 2016 .